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Hey everyone. I hope you're doing well. This month, I've been a lot more depressed. So, I haven't really been using dA as much. Those who know what happened will know why, but I think I literally have to use dA more. There were only 42 poems I favourited this last month, I need to be faving at least a hundred. Which I will do next month, I'll spend more time on dA just because I seriously want to get back into poetry again. Anyways, enough of me rambling, you probably don't care. xXxRising-AngelxXx, I just realised 8/42 of the poems here are actually yours. Probably because at one point or another I decided to check out your shit. I obviously enjoyed it. XD
Either way, have fun reading everyone featured and everyone who just stumbles upon this.
They usually aren't this short. Usually there are twice as many poems. I've just been having a shitty month. ^^;

[42 Poems] Newest - Oldest

I WouldIf I could kiss away your scars,
And show you that's not who you are,
I would.
If I could catch all the stars,
And show you that light is not too far,
I would.
If I could heal all of your pain,
And make all of your worries go away,
I would.
If I could show you the day,
And get rid of your darkness and dismay,
I would.
If I could do all of these things,
And show you the light that darkness brings,
And let you hear the song that happiness sings,
And let you fly freely upon your broken wings,
I would.
OneDon't think that it's your fault, when a blade meets my skin
And don't think that you have done wrong every time I give in.
Because the truth is that you are the only reason I live
What you deserve, I wish I could give.
But never will I be a good man
I haven't been strong since this nightmare began.
Since I changed and my will was lost
I can't come back from the line that I've crossed.
But your love is the reason that I still try
To become a man that never makes you cry.
To become someone greater than I am today
A man that can wash all of your heartache away.
A girl like you doesn't deserve to feel pain
So the impossible, I must obtain.
The will and strength to stay away from the grave
And to give back ten times the love that you gave.
On my own, I could never stand
So when you see me on the ground, will you take my hand?
And pull me up and into your embrace?
I will be the man I was again, once I feel your love's grace.
Because if I'm alone, all that I can do is run
But I can be strong
A Letter To The Girl Who Hates Her BodyA letter to the girl who hates her body.
A letter to that girl
Who scrolls through tumblr.
Admiring all of those models.
With thigh gaps that look cute with skirts.
And a waist that you can barely see.
You're beautiful
A letter to the girl
Who looks at models,
For their curves.
The way their hips go outwards
And their size D cup breasts.
You're beautiful.
Please don't look in the mirror,
And hate the girl you see.
That girl is you
And she should be loved unconditionally.
Because you deserve love.
And how much love is not determined on your waist size,
Whether you're chubby or skinny
You're still so very pretty.
You're so perfect.
So for every time you look in that mirror.
And tell yourself you aren't worth it.
That you're arms are too big,
Your hips aren't big enough.
Tell yourself.
I am a woman.
A lady.
I am strong.
I have a body like a castle.
A kingdom made just for me.
And I will not destroy that castle,
By trying to starve myself.
By taking brick by brick and dismantling it
HumanDo people ever realize
That the others around them,
Are humans too?
They break just as easily.
They cry just as hard.
Their hearts are just as fragile.
Their memories are just as bad.
How do they not get it?!
You god-damn bullies,
You god-damn drunkards,
You god-damn discriminatory idiots,
You god-damn abusive bastards.
Do they not understand what they do?
What their impact is?
Why can’t you idiots get it through your heads,
That being a dick to others
Doesn't help shit?
Why can’t you comprehend that?
My Mother Found a Suicide NoteI'm going to paint
these white walls red
with a loaded gun
and the pull of a trigger.
Say goodbye to all
of my worries and insecurities
and add another notch to my razor.
Another handful of pills
to take away the pain
and the lies of yesterday.
Inhale the poison
to quicken the disease
that's slowly killing me.
Allow the numbness
to run through my bloodstream
and silence my demons.
My body is becoming cold
and I cannot feel a thing anymore.
The white walls are red,
my razor has another notch,
the lies of yesterday are gone,
the disease has reached my heart,
and my demons are quiet.
I'm home.
The CurseYour benevolent words
Drench my world in the mad colors of passion
And as I walk through my hand picked reflections
I wander only to the certain corners of the world
You have designated to me
Unknowingly cursed with the innocence of wonderment
I lose the feeling of all else
For it seems the most ravenous of all experiences
The ones that beg for your very essence to be changed
Are the ones I can only find behind my closed eyes
To think only the simple memory of a word
Could be so mighty when preying on believers
If only I had known that only the echoes of your words would remain
Maybe then your cursed words would have spared me
But love is blind
I am lost
And all because of nothing more
Then a shadow
GoodnightAnd so the sun
Whispered goodbye,
And I put my trust
In the stars,
So much farther away.
And my wishes never
Reached in time;
So the moon sang a
Sad lullaby
So I whispered
And I hope you sleep well.
Rest in peace.
small little reasonsI am totally and unmeasurably worthless compared to the universe.
None of what we do will matter in a million years from now.
No one to remember Cleopatra.
Elton John, Elvis, Marilyn Monroe...
Hell, even Kim Kardashian won't be remembered.
Snooki. Miley. Ariana. None of them matter anymore.
It's not important.
Everything we do is in vain.
All we do is multiply ourselves.
Like rabbits making a nest.
We continue a pointless generation once more.
...Cut away the pain,
Cut away the lies,
Cut away every word you've heard someone say,
Cut away the tears,
Cut away the judgement,
Cut it all away...
With the heart of
A broken piano,
I can still learn
To love again.
It may be damaged,
But it's still there,
Able to make a melody,
With distorted notes,
Memories like music
Playing in my head.
With the heart of
A broken piano,
I know it won't just
Be played.
But cherished, not as
Something that makes
Noise for entertainment.
But as something that
Creates the music of
What has been, what is,
And what will be.
ShadowSitting in my bed,
Crying, wishing I was dead,
Looking at myself in the mirror,
Grim thoughts always near.
I look at the knife on my nightstand,
Wondering where, some day, it might land.
Back upon the mirror,
My shadow grows nearer,
Staring upon me with eyes brightest white,
As I stare back at him, as black as night.
He left the glass,
I was scared, alas,
Sad and Scared,
With a frightened glare,
As he smiled with sadistic glee,
And reached to the nightstand next to me.
He grabbed my knife,
And tried to end my life,
With slash after slash,
Each one a mad thrash.
He missed again and again,
Failing to take the life within.
He pushed me down onto my bed,
And clung tightly to my head,
He held me down,
And looked around,
With a final smile,
And eyes so vile,
He no longer missed,
And slashed my wrist.
The black fell away,
The white eyes were gone,
At least I know I’m safe for another day,
From that hated devil spawn.
The euphoria was wondrous,
The pain so healing,
Each sting was thunder
Kept SilentI'm ripping
My chest open
But my heart
Ceases to lay
In your palm
And so when I
Thought the
Darkness had
The stars aligned,
Painted a map
Across the sky,
And guided me back
Ramblings XIIBring the rain,
I'm used to the
Floods from my
Own storm, and
With the water,
I can wash the
Pain away from
Those who need
New life to grow.
WaitingAnd so my world
Revolved again,
The day I realized
You wandered in circles,
And so the sun
Came out again,
The morning I realized
I slept the night away
And so my life came
Back to me, again,
It was then I realized,
We were waiting
For us.
Ramblings XI could give each
Of you pieces of
Myself, but
I'd leave myself
Broken again,
With nothing left
To give.
I'm holding on too much
To let anything go.
FacadeThe world doesn't need to know
exactly how I'm damned.
The world doesn't need to know
all of what I feel.
The world doesn't need to see
what thoughts that inside my head I've crammed,
and I feel like wrapping my feelings
inside of metaphors again.
I'll hide what I think,
and some of what I know,
for my continual depression
I don't much like to show.
I'll spare all your minds
and all your happy smiles, too,
and I won't pour out
all of my thoughts to you.
Unfinished My skin is crawling
My chest feels tight
It seems too much
For me to fight
Confused and lost
I'm left alone
Shuffling around
A mindless drone
Asking questions
That don't exist
Answers buried
In something missed
Trying to find
What it means to me
To know who I am
To know who I'll be
AmnesiaI wonder what will happen
When all has been said and done
When blood has been spilled
When sweat has been poured
and when tears has been dried
I wonder when my bones numbed
when my muscles ache beyond pain
When all thoughts and schemes
have been won and spoils are gained
I wonder when  will this ever end
this struggle
this battle
for that next breathe
Because I grow tired
and rest is so elusive
You're the kind who can't let go
everyday is crawl against what you know
I am My DepressionI've had to overcome, and that's what's made me worthwhile.
I did my art because I didn't want to deal with my pain.
That's why I'm good at drawing.
I read those books so I wouldn't have to be in my own world.
That's why I have a large vocabulary and good grades.
I wrote because I couldn't tell you how I felt out loud.
That's why I'm good at writing.
All of my creativity, all of my accomplishments, stem from my depression.
Without my depression I would be nothing.
With my depression I feel like nothing.
UntitledOn our own
We were wrecks
But our skins met
And we became a beautiful mess
Shades turning from white to grey
I feel it eating my visage
Memories rotting, won’t stay
Distant feelings, like a mirage
A faceless mask makes me numb
I trace fingertips along scars
I know I’ve gone deaf and dumb
A locust flits through prison bars
Cancer on black wings, lovely
How can anyone feel or say
This disease makes me ugly
Hard to look at or look away
InstinctsThere comes a day, when there is no more words you can say.
There comes a time, when there is nothing to rhyme.
So you sit back in your chair, and look at what's there.
if your heart is sinking, at what you are thinking.
You must face up to the truth, don't look for more proof.
Go back where you belong, Its time to be strong.
A dream is a wonderful thing, you laugh and you sing.
Wake with reality dawning, in the cold light of morning,
no longer pretend, that dreams never end.
No matter how much you care, was what you thought ever there?
The MasksThe Masks
Let's play hide-and-seek with masks,
Where no one can capture features,
no smiles, no frowns, just leave them
guessing with whose on that side today
and how long they'll stay.
Don't tell anyone whose playing
that'll spoil the fun. We'll just surprise
them with a mask that is going
to be part of this run. There are no
rules so pick a side, I'll hope and pray
it's the mood that's ripe, unspoiled and
not rotted as fruit from a vine while
hiding behind fantasy lies.
Let's play hide-and-seek with masks,
where there are rules that become
bent until they are doomed to snap  
and others going mad as everything
bites back.
Don't be furious even if the rules are
broken, the cheater getting their way
without paying even one token.
No matter how you cry unfair today it
will never change the whims of this
game. What I forgot to tell you about
these masks, is they hide a side that
you'll regret this day.
Let's play hide-and seek with masks,
never win because the seeker has to
or the w
A lone wolfA world of people
Who thinks she's weird.
When she meets someone she likes
She opens one of the gates up.
They still have a while to go to
See who she really is.
She's hapless at romance,
Not getting a chance with anyone
Because she merely watches
Romance from the side lines,
Only able to analyze it,
Never truly experiencing it,
Not knowing the full reality of it,
Basing her decision to be closed off
From only observation.
Maybe someday a guy will
Sweep her off her feet,
But who will he be?
Because of miscommunication she cannot
Get her feelings across.
Apparently she keeps her
Feelings hidden far too long
Because she wants others to
Be happy.
She is shunned for her
Want to make everyone else
Happy before herself,
Making her the lone wolf,
Who merely observes,
Watching from the woods,
Howling at the moon,
Sad to be alone,
But not sure if it'd make a
Difference or not in happiness
If she were to be placed together with another wolf.
She likes her freedom, but
Is pulled like a rope betwe
Thank You AllAs a writer, I will 
Always be worried about
"Will they like it?" and
"Should I do this, or
Shouldn't I?"
But I try not to 
Let it affect what I write and
How I do it. I just 
Hope that you will
Enjoy my work.
So when I see all
The people who do enjoy it, and
Want to
Feel so overjoyed that not
Even words can describe it.
So thank you all, for 
Your support and ideas.
UneasyI can no longer sleep peacefully,
Imprisoned by my own nightmares,
My dreams becoming non-existent,
The only solution is to stay awake.
Yet even then, I am not safe.
The slightest thought become torture.
Images of Gore, pain and morbidity,
Take my mind in a form of a noose.
My friends, my family, my life,
Are nothing but distrust and fright.
Alone in this dark and melancholy life.
I want out.
Nothing is entertainment.
The word happy making me sick.
Hand me a cancer, dear friend.
To take away the pain of living.
I dare you to tell me,
That others have it worse.
Tell me every day.
Until the guilt of my death is on you.
I see no colour,
Only grey, black and white.
I have no motivation,
To keep up this fucking act.
BlackYou can't stand the sight of it
The color that you represent
Every waking moment in spite of it
You have to react in ten fold
It's easy to keep it down
It's easy to maybe think about it
But when you're the color black
I guess, it speaks for itself
Turning on meThe words are against me,
no matter how many ways you say it.
You can't help it,
I know that.
it doesn't make it hurt any less.
BuddiesAfter a few months of
Meeting new people who
Don't even live in the 
Same hemisphere as me, I 
Think I'm beginning to
Understand why internet dating is
So popular. 
You can't trust that their pictures are really
Them, so you don't judge them on
Appearance, but on
Who they are. They 
Aren't the thin girl with "nerdy"
Glasses, they're someone who
You call a friend.
They aren't the dude who has
Acne on every inch of his face, they're
Your best bud.
You don't get the chance to judge someone. You
Get to know them.
For AmandaWe miss you,
We wish you were still here,
We hope you're okay,
We hope you'll return to us,
We hope you haven't become another statistic,
Another number on a piece of paper to be turned over,
In some business meeting,
We won't forget you.
We Hope You're Happy
Realised my mistake, I let you goI am truly sorry,
I didn't know how much,
You meant to me,
Cause my feelings,
We're hidden under,
An emotionless mask,
And once you went away,
I finally realised my mistake,
I had never stopped loving you,
Just another mistake a failure,
Like me made in an attempt,
To find out what you meant,
To me.
Ashes to AshesYou're fighting a war
Just to move forward,
But leaving behind
A trail of ashes
And the flame will
Soon catch up.
And I can fight the war,
But I can't put out
The fire.
But I couldn't stand
To watch you burn.
The woundThe wound you made on my non beating heart,
Is starting to heal and form a resistance,
It may not be long at all until my heart will freeze once more,
If you want my love to continue,
You will have to do something,
No one else has done before,
You have to continue to,
Re open the wound you made,
No matter how may scars you leave,
If you want this to live,
You may as will carve me with scars.
CaptureI wasn't made for this.
You can't cage a wild thing.
Can't put a tether on a wolf
and expect him to survive.
I wasn't born for this.
You can't bind a wild beast.
Can't put an eagle in a cage
and expect him to sing.
I wasn't made for this.
You can't tame a wild thing.
Can't put a tether on a wolf
and expect her to be.
I wasn't born for this.
You can't own a wild beast.
Can't put an eagle in a cage
and expect her to sing.
Darling that's youThere was only enough room for one person,
But when he took his life I thought I would never surface,
Then you came along and pulled me from my drowning fate,
Now it seems that I can't live without the love of my life,
And darling that's you.
I curseIf I wake up in the morning
I curse my breath
I hope to die
The next time I rest
I'd rather not feel anything
Than feel happy
Because the pain isn't worth it
Not to me
If I am happy
I curse the name
I curse my name
And walk across that grave
That grave has a name marked
It might be mine
I'm not even sure anymore
I want to be unnamed
I'd rather not care
Save you the trouble
I know that you care
That's probably the worst part
Because I know as time goes on
I hate myself everyday
Nothing will ever change
And that's okay
Poisoned TearsWhy did you do it?
Why did you let them get to you?
Their words had lost their meaning,
Yet you still believed them,
You shouldn't have drank the acid,
Because now it's you who's being burnt.
Why didn't you tell me?
We could've ended this earlier,
I had the water for your fire,
You thought you were alone,
But in the darkness,
I was standing next to you all along.
Why did you leave us?
I guess it's too late to ask,
Your enemies dropped their last bomb,
You shouldn't have did it,
But now you're gone...
I'm Sorry, Old FriendHello there, my old friend.
I know we haven't spoken in a while.
Granted, you've had good reason not to speak with me.
We didn't exactly part on good terms.
But I've been thinking lately.
I've been thinking about you a lot.
And I really want to tell you
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry for treating you lower than dirt.
I'm sorry for cursing you when we didn't agree.
I'm sorry for wasting your time and energy.
But mostly, I'm sorry that I lost you as a friend.
please don't have died...You posted a journal: "I'm Done"
-2 days 8 hours ago-
"Yes I'm done I have prepared everything"
now i'm
frantically searching
through your page
for any sign
are you there?
are you still alive?
Last visit: 1 day ago
"but I'm going to wait 24 hours saying good bye to friends"
{last comment: 1 day 7 hours ago}
scrolling through everything you've posted before
looking for a location, a name
can i find a way to save you?
but there's nothing that i can find about you
nothing specific enough to tell me where to find you
or if i can call police or an ambulance or a friend
or someone, anyone, who could stop you
this has happened before, i note,
looking through your old journals,
you tried to kill yourself with pills,
but thankfully you survived.
"won't miss this time
I'm ready it will be very fast"
i can picture you,
even though i have no idea what you look like,
a sad girl, lying motionless,
with a bullet in her head
and the gun in her hands
suicide by gun
Am I?My body is a ticking time bomb
But it isn't exactly explosives
It's like it's imploding
On itself
My mind is dark and unsatisfied
And yet everything I say
I regret
My core is rotting
The soul I once held dear
Is now a dark hole
And to constantly try to fill it
I try my best to console others
What is really in the back of my mind
Is every word I say a contradiction
Is what you say something that makes me cringe
Is what I think something very wrong
How I try, and try
How I fail and fall
I can't see a light at the end of the tunnel
It's an endless struggle
Everything that reminds me
Makes the feeling grow
And the past wraps around my heart
Like an unfading glow
I've been avoiding it
The best I can
I've been embracing every part of me
That makes me uncomfortable
The unending feeling of bugs in my skin
The unending feeling of fear gripping my stomach
I can feel the blood rushing to my head
But I won't ever fall
I refuse to burden others
I refuse to fall into hurt
But my broken soul is bondi
Darling, are you the one?Darling, are you the one?
They say love conquers all,
I never believed that until I met you.
I never thought I would fall in love.
You saved me from spiralling down into depression.
You pulled me out of my watery grave,
And lifted my spirit.
I didn't expect anything to happen,
Until we shared our stories,
I fell in love with the feeling you gave me.
I knew at once, that you were the one,
And I would do anything to save you.
We saved each other,
Now it wasn't life dragging us along,
We survived on the love we have for each other.
I couldn't live without you,
And you couldn't live without me,
We belong with each other,
And nothing will get in our way,
not even the sea that separates us.
You are the air I breathe,
You keep my heart beating,
You are the best thing,
That has ever happened in my life.
I hope this feeling never goes away,
I hope you will always be a part of my life,
I will love you with all of my heart.
You are the missing piece in my life,
And I am so glad that I have found
  • Mood: dA Love
  • Listening to: People cry for help
  • Reading: The thoughts of others
  • Watching: The world slowly die
  • Playing: With logical solutions to the problems of others
  • Eating: Defeat and facing it head-on
  • Drinking: The guilt from bad things I've done in the past


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So, first of all no need to thank me for the favourite. Secondly, if you want criticism just ask, though you must provide a link or the thumbnail of whatever you want criticism on for me to do so. I favourite a lot of things so it's only fair on me, and I don't have to root through my favourites. Alright?

Right. Okay. So, I'm actually going to write something important here, to describe myself rather than just random stuff people probably care more about. So, My name is Jack, don't ask my age because I always forget it and I like all forms of writing or literature. I enjoy drawing too, which goes well with writing because I can illustrate exactly what I'm trying to visualise. I may or may not be a cat, my webcam shows I have super-long messy hair and the fact I constantly feel the need to wear cat ears. I like to be deep, and have lots of meaning and I like to be the friend of outcasts of society. Since I am one, it's only fair. Only difference is that I look for other people who're outcasted. Some say it's fate but all I really want to do is help. I have attempted suicide 7 times now, and that's gotten to the point where I'm just passively suicidal - I don't care if I die or not. A LOT of my poetry is based on stuff that happens or has happened, I like to write how I feel and I've been told I'm good at it. I don't think there's much else I can say, I've been bullied for years my whole life and it still goes on, I get told I should kill myself constantly by people. But hey, fuck those people. The fact of the matter is; I stand out. I stand out because I just like being myself, and I don't play by your daddy's rules. The last thing to write is I know how it feels to have no-one. I go through social anxiety so I know how it feels for that too. My point is, if you need someone, ever, then drop me a note and I'd be happy to send you a lot of paragraphs. I like to give advice and expand on thoughts, or just look at them in different ways. So yeah.
Thank you for reading this semi-emotional soliloquy.
Love you all.
"If today is the worst day ever – tomorrow has to be better."
~Ikusaba Marco (Mirai Nikki)

"As long as there’s at least one person who understands me, I’ll be okay."
~Ami Kawashima (Toradora!)

"Even if everyone calls you a liar, even if you hate yourself, I’ll be on your side."
~Inori Yuzuriha (Guilty Crown)

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