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So, if you've been featured here before you'll know the drill. If not, then I favourite a lot of poems. Sometimes, to show my affection towards their content that has helped me through so much shit. So, have fun reading all of these amazing works~

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Open And ShutIn an empty, dark place you walk,
Ahead of you, there’s a lone spotlight
Shining on a letter, sealed in blood.
You crack the seal, and read:
“Oh, well. It’s fine.
I’m too young to be in love.
But one day, someone will be mine.
I’m sure there is a plan above.”
As you read the last,
The blackness is filled
With moving pictures,
Of another’s life.
The pictures they show
Are failure after failure,
Denial after denial,
Cut after cut,
And in some way
you feel his misery.
A light shines before you,
Revealing another letter,
With the same seal,
And the same color,
But lying next to it
Is a black knife with a bloody blade.
You try to open the seal as before,
But it won’t budge.
The knife works, the seal opens.
“I tire of waiting,
Living without love,
My heart is breaking,
But I’m sure there’s a plan above…”
A light shines on the road ahead,
And reveals a house at the end.
Curiously, you walk in,
And find the next lett
CureThe butterflies stab my stomach,
When you are not around.
You are the cure,
For my illness.
Better daysMy day gets better,
When you put a,
Smile on my face.
My one and onlyDarling...
Will you be my one and only?
The Alphabet of -tionToday I shall teach a lesson in preparation
With this alphabet of great diction.
So, I shall start where there is relaxation,
And hope, by the end, you get a realization.
Let us begin with brave action,
To get some true ambition.
Maybe even some benefaction
From this annoying botheration.
Now, let me do some clarification
So you walk with some caution:
Don't create your own damnation
Simply because of this declaration.
Can we start with some joyful elation
On the fact that this is not an evaluation
With the pretense of fascination
That plays on your frustration?
Because, honestly, this generation
Needs some help in the glorification
Of such words like hallucination-
Sometimes I wonder if you know true humiliation.
I don't say this to question your ideation,
Just that you don't have an imagination;
In that you can't not have jollification,
Or participate in some jubilation,
Only that, unless you have some kation
For something other than keratinization,
Than you need a limitation
When I am with youWhen I am with you,
Nothing else matters
I hope you are my one and only,
Cause I will never want anyone else
In your lifeAs long as I am in your life,
Nothing else matters
Forever and everEverything is going to be ok, baby
As long as I am in your arms, honey
Nothing will break our hearts, gorgeous
Just you and I, forever and ever
NobodyI would still be a nobody,
If it weren't for you
Each otherIf we ever have no one,
At least we will have each other
ThawedYou somehow managed to thaw my frozen heart. PerfectWhatever happens in the future, as long as I have you...
It will be perfect.
Important to meI don't care what anyone else thinks,
You are the most important part of my life
FlameBehold my domain,
Of fire and brimstone.
A world of pain,
But down here, I’m not alone.
People have entered my home,
Though they’ve not stayed.
By accident, they roam,
Blindly into my fray.
I sit in my throne,
Made of bloody blades,
Wearing my crown of bone,
Watching my minions play.
She walks in and the door slams,
Ensuring there’s no escape.
One look and she knows she’s damned.
At the door, they scrape.
She turns around and sees what’s seeming,
To be her new hell,
She sees my demons dreaming,
And knows she’s heard her death knell.
I look down at my feet,
I’m startled to find,
A woman staring back at me.
I chuckle in my mind.
I, three stories high,
And strong as a giant,
Laugh at her cry,
And make her silent.
I pick up her broken body,
Seeing what I’d done,
My mind becomes foggy,
And I realize what I’d done.
I am the king of my realm,
Ruling with iron fist and fiery spear,
Bone armor and helm,
Because I’m alone down here.
LostI hold on to my tears
Clutching them close to my soul
I have control
I have control
I have control

Until my tears slip from my grasp
And these words slide back down my throat
Like the salt water that
Spills over my cheeks
I clench my teeth in
Angry disappointment
I lost control
I fight to get it back
As my face twists with sorrow
I have control
I have control
I have…

I am lost
As she puts her arms
Around me
It’s okay
It’s okay

She murmurs
But I know
It’s not that simple
I am lost
In my dark thoughts
Bring back
The light
I can’t see
I can’t breathe
I can’t…

It’s too hard
It’s too late
I am lost
But I gather my tears
And bury them deep
Can't See ItThe girl who sits alone, they think they know her.
She’s on her own, because they say she doesn’t deserve friends.
She’s nothing like them, but instead rather strange.
But they don’t know her, because of their assumptions.
The real her is hiding, but she wants to come out.
She comes out as herself, but they can’t see it.
The girl who wants to write, they say she’s worthless.
She’s treated this way, because they have no respect for her.
She’s got a different goal, but they never encourage her.
But they don’t see her success, because of their ridiculous doubts.
The writer within her is unnoticed, but the wants to show her skills.
She show’s what she’s made of, but they can’t see it.
The girl with the smile, they say she’s the greatest of all.
She’s loved by real friends, because they admire her personality.
She’s different, that’s true, but different in a good way.
But they don
SometimesSometimes I need to pluck at my heartstrings 
And create a sad melody
It makes my feelings more intense 
Much to their disparity 
Sometimes I need to lock myself away
And sleep in the dark corners of my mind
It makes life more bearable
Even if the darkness leaves one blind 
Sometimes I'd love to just bleed out my heart 
And dry it so I can breathe with ease
But my heart is my source of nourishment 
It's as much of a chain as it is a release
Sometimes I wish I didn't have such a twisted mind
And lived my life in wonderful colors of ecstasy 
But there's a price to pay for being ignorant 
You have to accept the self-destructive fantasy 
Final StagesI've leveled off after the blast
I've looked behind and seen the past
I've remembered all you did to me
I've seen it all and set it free
I've lost my body I've lost my soul,
I've missed again and met each goal
But I've tried my best and I just can't fly
While I'm still weighed down by a goodbye.
I reach for news and fight for strength
I look for ways to win at length
I use the power I create
Assigned to items, words or dates
I stand on legs that I made real
And time again I'd lose my steel
And pick it up and fight again,
Stood on legs built from the bends.
I lose my mind and fight myself
I am Ramen but you're Varelse
And as I raise again this sword
I aim not for them, but my mind's lord
And stab again, but one last time
It's not a sin and not a crime
For as I breathe it's self-defense
The only way I'd live forth-hence.
And as I hit
And pull away,
We drift apart
And no goodbyes
And no loose ends
To tears
And cries
And blues
And bends.
'Not that the faded echoes of voic
My Selfish InsomniaEvery minute that I spend awake
Fills me with such regret.
I want to sleep, I really do,
I want to be the one who you
Think of in times of bliss.
I don't like staying up
When you think I'm asleep...
I'm scared somehow I'll devour your dreams.
It feels like I'm lying to you every second I remain conscious...
Broken BoyHe talks of his death like
it's nothing at all,
causally mentioning how
he had to be talked down last night
by me and another boy.
I sit with him on his couch,
while we watch our favorite show
(I've seen every episode on Netflix
He has not yet finished season one)...
And he turns to me and asks
if I meant it when I said
he would probably have a bed
at my home in three months
when he can leave his mother.
I gulp at the idea of bringing this up
to my own mother.
To ask her to house a boy
she just met today?
But as I look into his broken eyes.
His tired brown eyes-
outlined by the stress of
depression and anxiety.
Of a body that his not his own.
Of a broken heart he cannot fix now.
Of a broken home.
He breaks me down.
Between UsWhat did we make that night between our eyes? What held our flat soled sneaker's grip to the shingles of that roof?
When we reached that light what drove us away, what stayed with that night that we couldn't carry to today?
In moments passed the space between our eyes created something that lasts, and let light on the words that we will never say.
Are You Still There?Nothing seems real, I’m scared and worried,
I’m waiting for our safe return
I wish that this is all a dream and that you haven’t left me,
Left me here alone,
Alone in this cruel world.
I’m not ready to see my little fallen angel leave me,
It’s not your fault, 
It’s not your time.
love was cruel to you and so where others,
I couldn't help.
No matter how I tried or how hard,
I wasn't aware you were in so much pain,
You were lost deep in the darkness, 
I searched for you and I couldn't find you, only your voice,
Your soft broken voice…
That played a melody that of no other,
But a child born in pain and sadness could..just like me.
Your loved by many, 
Yet hated by one,
By the one you loved and still do,
You hurt him but he hurt you more,
Your love was true to him but his was not.
Even though he refuse you after you still tried to protect him,
Protect him from the evil witch and her spell, 
But in the end it was useless her spel
A broken coupleIn winter sad day left
He left the one day I called my love
Everything seemed so bad
Separated by the same fate that once united us
Separated by forces greater than the same
Separated by the fear of being happy
Tears were left as heavy
Two young men killed by anguish
Two hearts died sad.
So many words of love lost
Many abandoned plans
So much joy that turned into sadness
A couple that could change everything
A couple who so hated the world
A couple of different so could be perfect
We had so much love
Now we are empty bodies and sad
I still feel the void left by his love
A love that lack
A love that still shakes me many times
A love that changed everything I am
LiesI'm tired of this burden
I'm tired of lying
Have not stand living like this
I wish I could tell the truth
Wanted to be free
I wanted to be myself
Will can never tell the truth about myself?
Will I ever be able to stop lying?
Will I have to fool others and myself forever?
I'm dying slowly in a lie
A lie that I created to protect me
I'm choking me
Just wanted to say the truth about myself
To say that I'm actually different
Say I'm gay
We Are V.As a good man once said,
Ideas. Are. Bulletproof.
And idea so great it can bring together nations.
Just to take down an organisation so big, it controls our lives.
For this system means nothing to me and many others.
It angers and it kills.
But do they give a shit their own citizens are dying in their hands?
Of-fucking-course not!
We are dying.
Just for being us.
Is that fair?
You bet your fucking balls its not.
Those who are not straight, People of a different colour or race, women, kids.
The list goes on for miles and miles and never stops.
Basically, If you're not a straight white cis male with some significance.
You're fucked.
I want chaos.
A complete revolution.
For We. Are. Everywhere.
We can make a change.
The system.
Killing is what they do best.
Stuck in a tricky situation?
They speak with their weapons and not their mouth.
Cowards, Is what they are.
They have this stupid little idea in their heads,
that they know exactly what their country needs to survive.
Once they think th
<da:thumb id="514990669"/> CryingCan't ever cry; gotta man up.
Ruins your image; hide it away.
You're too soft; toughen up.
Ignore it; it will go away.
Never show fear or you'll get anywhere.
Going insane since I can't be me.
SpineI wish I could break free
Of this bag of skin and bones
Holds me down, hates me
Leaves me all alone
Leave me my poor old soul
My mind with my memories
Because the war that is this world
Never seems to cease
Break my spine and rip my flesh
Turn it into stream and trees
Let my skeleton fade away
Oh mother earth why did you bear me
So lay my body by the river
Let me hear the creaking pines
Send my spirit to the water
Let me dance beneath the sky
My soul and I still remember
Why I long to slip away
Why I can't feel anymore
And why she's the one to blame
Oh universe why am I here
What is my quest
I cannot be
I am unreality
I am leaves and twigs and stream
I am mother moon and sister stars
I am elvenqueen and lost little girl
I am skeleton and blood and flesh
I am breath of life and touch of death
I am nebula and dust and cloud
I cannot linger here
So I will see that you are safe
and that your heart still beats
Before I fade away
And leave you to your sleep
So take my spine and weave it into
ConfusionEvery day I conquer the unconquerable 
At least in my eyes 
Others may say that it is nothing to them 
Or that I am just weak 
But every day 
Every second 
I walk to hell and back
Loathing the poison in the hallways 
The toxic fumes in the rooms 
So many times I could have fled 
Uncountable that I desired to 
But I hold my head up 
Just barely enough to scope out 
To avoid the dangers of my race 
The parasites of my blood 
I am unable to avoid the songs of feigned kindness 
The artificial sound of what seems to be affection 
Sometimes it is difficult to disembody
What the voice of truths and lies are 
However from my studies 
One prolongs a falsed sense of security 
The other smashes your heart on cue 
It is rather difficult to understand 
What can cause a stir of someone 
While you show an empty glass to a being
One shall say 
'There is nothing, why did you bring it?'
SorryI guess there's a few things
I feel I should apologize for being,
And a few things I should
Apologize for doing.
I'm sorry all I talk about is fandoms and depression,
I'm sorry I don't know how to properly apologize for things I've done,
I'm sorry for the half of the time I'm too hyper,
And for the other half of the time where I'm overly sluggish.
I'm sorry I'm so awkward,
I'm sorry I can't hold a conversation.
I'm sorry I cause everyone so much trouble,
And that I can't ever seem to keep friends.
I'm sorry that I cost so much,
And that I'm so rude.
I'm sorry for my weight,
And the way I look.
I'm sorry that I hurt everyone around me.
I'm sorry I'm me.
To be honest I hate myself,
I hate myself as a whole.
I'm too blunt,
I'm too short,
I'm too this,
I'm too that.
I can't do this,
I can't do that.
I'm sorry I'm so useless.
I'm sorry I can't dispose of the trash that is myself.
I'm sorry.
ScaredMy heart is shattered, in a million different pieces.
I don't know if it can ever be put back together again.
I don't know if I'm capable of loving someone else.
I don't know if I even deserve to be loved.
I'm scared I'll die alone.
Scared I'll never be held or kissed again.
That's me, scared and confused and so unsure of the future.
5 For Silver, 6 For Gold.How the world goes round.
Is a controversy in itself.
The hypnosis of the money,
Will send us straight to hell.
Whilst you are buying fifty suits,
just because you can.
People are starving from lack of money,
just because they can't---
--Get a job,
Or afford to eat,
because they have,
several mouths to feed.
They're struggling, struggling,
whilst you flaunt your success.
Bring hope to the world,
instead of being too lazy to help.
Relish in your wealth if you please,
do you realise you could be helping people in need,
you have the money, the money to help,
whereas us 'lower class' people are trying to keep up.
Do good with your money,
help pick other citizens up,
I'd rather be poor,
than a fuck and stuck up.
Dissonance All of this dissonance...Keeps you from sleeping.
 All of the innocence...will begin to start weeping.
 Breath in...breath out
 It's okay to go silent every once in a while,
 We sin...We doubt
 It's ok as long as in the end we can smile
 There are times when you can't find words to say,
 It's alright, because no body heard them anyway.
 It's all so dizzying...
 you can't see a thing
 all of this pitying...
 leaves a nasty sting
 Standing so close to you
 Letting out a silent plea,
 His hair all thrown askew
 He's dreaming of the sea.
 You probably didn't even see him,
 He's the quiet kid,
 But his time is wearing so thin
 his tears he hid
 He said..."It'll be alright as long as I can breath."
 But then why...did he have to go and Leave?
Long HairI never asked to have long flowy blonde hair.
It just happened.
All I hear lately is, "I wish I had hair like you,"
"Your hair is so long!"
or "Take your pony-tail out!  I want to see it down."
Yeah, well I keep it up for a reason.
It gets in the way of my daily activities:
Playing sports.
It's annoying.
Yet I love my hair.
I keep it in the low pony-tail,
No high pony-tail cheerleader squad or whatever that's called,
Just a low pony-tail,
Some times resting on my shoulder.
But I won't take it out.
I won't put it in braids unless I just had a shower,
I won't put it in a bun unless I just had a shower,
I will not take it out when I'm sleeping,
It'll just get in knots and make my hair harder to brush.
The only time I'll take it out is to put it back into a pony-tail,
And even then,
I won't do the whole:
"*whips hair around* look at my long wavy hair, look at me, look at me!"
Haha, you wish.
You say,
"If you never put it down then why don't you just cut it?"
PainspirationIf you think about it,
Some of the greatest works of art
Have come out of immense suffering.
Not to mention almost all of
the songs on the radio.
Pain is relatable.
Pain is universal.
Pain ties together the human race.
If van Gogh's life was perfect,
Do you think he would've
Cut off his ear?
Not to mention Schumann,
who attempted suicide by
into the Rhine River.
Do you think these geniuses
would even be studied
had they not been a little
Why have songs about heartbreak
permeated the poetry of music
for centuries?
Quite simply,
almost everyone knows the feeling of disappointment.
The hurt of rejection.
And they like to know that
someone else
has been in their shoes.
Pain is an abundant source of
and fascination.
Take it for all it's worth.
Letting GoYou look at me
You beg me stay
You scream at me to be with you forever
Saying "I need you"
And "I want you"
I have to look away
But as you cry and say "I love you"
I kiss you for the last time
15/02/2015I want all my secrets back. Does it mean anythingDoes it mean anything
When I say I love you?
Does it mean anything
When I say I care?
Does it mean anything
When I say I need you?
Does it mean anything
When I say I wish I was there?
Does it mean anything
When I say I miss you?
Does it mean anything
When I say you’re sweet?
Does it mean anything
When I say you matter?
Does it mean anything
When I say you’re all I need?
Does it mean anything
When I say you’re important?
Does it mean anything
When I say I’ll cry?
Does it mean anything
When I say I’m depressed?
Does it mean anything
When I say you’re the reason why?
Anxiety You tell me to come,
I hit a wall.
"I can’t" I say
You’re too far away.
"Just walk around it" you say.
"Don’t take all day."
There’s no way.
I want to but I can’t.
You don’t understand.
"Help me" I plee.
"Why can’t you just do it?" You say.
It’s solid.
Too high to climb.
You don’t know how much I want to.
But I can’t.
"Please don’t go." I say.
Please just stay.
Just sit beside me,
And we’ll talk through the wall.
Maybe one day.
It will crumble and fall.
The WayWander weightlessly wondering why we wish we won.
Troubled times turn them tired, too tame to try twice.
Steamy stills stop splashing songs so softly.
What would we want?
Men make machines more modern.
Fight for fuel, feudal foes.
Some strong statues stand still.
People pick peace, potential problems procrastinated.
Delay destruction daily, don't dare discover damage.
There's something in the way.
Last TimeIt doesn't take a razor
Or scissors
Or a knife
To do the damage 
That you so desprately crave
It could be any sharp thing
A pin
A needle
A shard of glass
a nail
A pencil
anything works,
when you delve into the pain
that never seems to leave
and you capture misery
and feel so stuck
with no escape
but the final breaths
of death
Loading . . .Static crackles like sand grains
Falling through the gaps between
My fingers.
These monotonous
Days blurs my sight;
A hazy heart.
My gaze perches lightly on you.
You left your shedded skin
Somewhere in the winding corridors
Of my head.
Emptiness resides where you
Once brimmed me full with ichor.
Error 404: Emotion not found.
SocietyDon't do this.
Don't do that.
Don't be this.
Don't be that.
Do this.
Do that.
Be this.
Be that.
You need this.
You need that.
Get rid of this.
Get rid of that.
Look like this.
Look like that.
Change this.
Change that.
Act like this.
Act like that.
Be like us.
From Society.
Dear Society...
Move along now, I'm tired of your thoughts.
I never asked for your opinion
CircleWe started our group,
Our circle of friends,
And like that circle -
There is no beginning or end
Nothing for her.Me, I didn't have anything.
Nothing for myself,
but everything for you.
Because I loved you.
But you were right. It was all a lie.
Your lie, for me.
And for the rest of it all: nothing.
Nothing for myself,
and everything for you.
Like always.
No words...Humans.
They walk
all the time.
They move, they danse, they fall
And they walk again.
I stand there
Listening, Seeing
Their talks
Their words
Their nonsense.
I'm nothing but a visitor.
They're always late
with their opinions, their ideas, their excuses
Because when I need them
They ignore
They turn around
And they run away.
When they need me,
They cry in my arms.
The same thing
(And it's okay like that.)
A Seven Line PeomMy day is going well…an answer to my prayer, the day served as a spring, a waterfall of serenity.
I can make my way from here, things seem clear, sedated, no fear, When i look in the mirror all i see is me.
Candy from the headshop, legal, not a designer drug, but an asian herb has brought me here, I have the key today, I am free
My mind wanders, my sight is keen, some days make life worth living.
I sit at my window, and think about things, what is better than today, today i cant think of anything.
I'll wake up tomorrow, maybe groggy, maybe feeling fine, but the moments I have today will aid in my recovery of a period of sad, but only fleeting time, just a sting from a bee that died.
My life makes sense to me today, and that is enough to dredge through the confusion of tomorrow.
SchoolWhy do I need to
Prove myself
To a system that has never
Earned my respect?
You and MePlease don't mess with me
Give me what I need
I'm not sure
Just fulfill my greed
I am nervous
I am shy
You were, a little
I understand why
I'm worried and cautious
Let me ease your mind
I want you alone
I want you to be mine.
I am confident
I am not
I think you're beautiful
I think you're hot.
I know you have others
I know you have one
I'm not her priority
You have already won.
I've been dreaming of you
I have daydreams
I know it's different
I want it to be.
I'm a good, kind person
I'm honest and truthful
I'm a badass
I'm a fool
I want
I need
I need
I want
We need the same thing
We both want it too
To feel love from someone
And for it to be you.
What to do...So many thoughts are eating me, I don't know what to do...
I don't know who to trust, to love; or what is false or true...
Everything I say or do, it makes the matter worse...
It's almost like just me, myself, is a walking, breathing curse...
My throbbing brain, it twists and turns, it feels so confused...
It can't connect points A and B, it just feels so hurt, abused...
The bruises on my broken skin are coming into view;
So many thoughts are eating me, I don't know what to do...
My heart is beating way too fast, my hands tremble and shake.
I try to make things right again, but I made the same mistake.
The shadows, they are lerking; they consume me like before.
The voices in my head just scream, "Give up you stupid whore!"
I cannot win this battle, I can't be happy, free.
I wont let this destroy me, like it did my family.
I dig my nails into my head, my sanity has slipped...
I'm falling back into despair, I'm falling - I was tripped.
I scream out in agony, but no one hears my cries...
[CLASSIFIED]therapy —just another word
to express anxiety — hormone-based,
he tells himself it’s no use
pretending not to lose himself
in all the echoes, some call it haunting,
others musical, it’s all the same —
he is so afraid
that popping into the third dimension
would pop the bubble
so he tells himself he’s comfortable
in his easy chair —
a throne of cartoon proportions
but what if humor were to turn on itself
and tell him it’s not alright, really,
you need [therapy]
and it’s back to daddy’s Bimmer
there’s someone else in the passenger seat —
he’s been locked in the trunk
no moonroof’s view could grant his greatest wish
Have you ever? Have you ever dreamt of a better life?
Where when you laugh and smile it doesn't take all the force in the world.
Where your eyes aren't holding tears begging to be shed every single second of every single fucking day.
Where when you get home, walk into your room and shut the door, you don't slide down and start sobbing. Desperately trying to clutch your heart and willing the tears to stop. And pretend like it never happened.
Where you don't have to pretend like you didn't cry your self to sleep the night before, don't have to pretend you didn't cut the color out of your skin.
Where everyday isn't a living hell.
Where everyday you don't have to tell your self that today will be better. Just one more day. Over and over again.
Where everyday there is no excruciating pain.
Where you wake up happy.
SuccessSuccess isn't doing what other people want.
It isn't working 'till you're frail and gaunt.
It isn't selling your time for meager pay.
Slaving away, 'till you're old and grey.
Success is something you define for yourself.
Stop comparing yourself to someone else.
I Messed UpThere used to be bliss
And fearlessness
But suddenly
Your voice went unheard
You left without a word
I quietly allowed
You to be alone
But as days went by
You never said good-bye
You left me in the dark
I decided I had made a mistake
Convinced all I did was break
Something that could end so well
Now in my mind
There is only flaming hell
Because now I realize
"I love you"
Is an empty phrase
Meant only to toy with me
And leave me crazed
CatI live on my own terms
Don't expect me to come
When you call
I'm far too busy
Keeping my fur
Just right
To pretend
To be your friend
You do serve a purpose
When the need arises
I will sacrifice my time
Growl a little less loudly
You may think I'm cute
Soft, cuddly, and warm
But I am a hunter
Lying in wait
Ready to pounce
See the intensity
In my stare
Eyes following a target
With laser precision
Claws sharpened
Razors retracted
Hearing tuned
When you call my name
Don't expect me to come
I live on my own terms
In the DarkI knew what to do and I knew where to go
and now I'm in the dark.
I can't seem to find any light
besides having you.
SilenceI start to speak
Yet no one hears a peep
No one notices...
I sit in silence.
And I listen.
I just listen.
I've become really good at listening.
Sakura BlossomHe gave me a Sakura Blossom.
He said they were absolutely gorgeous
He asked me if I was disappointed
Why would I be?
He said I was absolutely gorgeous.
He said,
“I’m also saying there there ought to be a festival in your honor,
but that’s more subtle.”
I didn’t know there were festivals in honor of sakura blossoms.
I do now.
He said roses are cliché.
So I looked up flower meanings.
I gave him the Camellia Japonica.
Camellia japonicas are beautiful.
And Ember made him post it.
She was crazy, you know,
But all the best people are.
It’s not that normal people are boring,
It’s that crazy people are fascinating.
It’s that crazy people do things that no one else would,
It’s that crazy people change your life.
And she did.
And she will never know that.
We liked cuddling,
He’d pull me closer.
How do you breathe?
We liked food.
Sometimes, his mom packed strawberries.
Other times, she packed grapes.
What a downgrade.
My cat has PTS
Why Is everyone perfect?Hello people.
I must ask.
Why do you want to be perfect?
Why do you want to be skinny?
To be pretty?
To be smart and talented and curvy?
Why do you want to be a part of the crowd?
The smiles, bubbles, and pink lacing around?
The pastel drawings tacked on to their faces?
Why do you waste yourself?
On pipes, needles and smokes?
Just to be happy, you say, but does it really mean it?
Why do you push the children?
The lost, defeated and poor?
The ones who fade, just cause you want more?
Why do you ignore?
Life is hard, and aren't problems inevitable?
Can't people cry?
Hello people.
I must say.
Why do you think you need to be perfect?
To join the people, who mock and turn a blind eye?
To be one of those who laugh and be cruel, and have stereotypes all day?
To become one of the dolls?
Hello People.
I must comment.
If this is so, then your efforts have been for naught.
Noone can be perfect.
Nothing is perfect.
There is no perfect.
Stop trying to be perfect for society.
Be yourself, and look fo
Run ColdI need to escape
Run away
Get away from you.
Help me.
Leave me.
Let my blood run cold.
I need to get away
Far away from you
Somewhere you can't harm me
Somewhere where friendship is true
Just let me go
I don't need your harm
Any longer and my heart will break again
And you'll be laughing all the way
Don't let this be my final day
Just let me go.
Go far away.
I cannot stay here
with you for you to
take another stab at me
just set me free
I want to live.
What I ThinkWhy is it that I should worry,
tell me,
Why is it I should weep?
for the pains of this body are not so deep,
as of yet,
Nor, are their memories a thing I will keep,
but to forget.
Pain, is always overshadowed by joy,
Grief is overpowered by hope,
even the memory of the fearsome night,
is lost to the awesome sunlight,
The dawn is chased by day,
The afternoon by night,
but in all things there is a heavenly light,
Do not cower,
please, do not grieve,
Those eyes must not close with defeat,
The dawn is coming, closing in on night,
So do not fall, fight the good fight.
From the dark ashes,
life comes and delves within,
after deaths' inevitable collapses,
SeriouslyA lover lost, a lover gained.
When will Cupid stop playing this stupid game?
Falling in love can be so disarming.
Will I ever find my truest Prince Charming?
Needing to be held, caressed, loved.
Starting to think I need a miracle from above.
The waitI shouldnt have to wait for you.
I shouldnt wait for you.
You arent coming back....
So why am I still waiting?
Why do I allow each day of silence from you to hurt me?
I know you arent going to break it,
You arent coming back....
So why am I still waiting for you?
I shouldnt care.
I shouldnt want it as badly as I do.
You dont care. least you dont care like I do.
I love you...did you ever love me?
Or was it all make believe...
Had we been playing pretend and you simply forgot to tell me that it was a game?
Please tell me it wasnt a game...
I want to believe that you felt it too.
That I meant as much to you as you meant to me.
You dont care.
Or so it seems.
I shouldnt have to wait for you.
I shouldnt wait for you.
Why am I still waiting for you?
I miss you.
Working lungsI can breathe
For once in my life
I can breathe
And the breathe from your lungs
Lifts my wings off my back
And allows me to pick up breezes from distant shores
I can breathe
I can laugh
I can see your bones Jitter with a laughter that could topple civilizations
And inspire new ones to grow within the rubble
I can smile and feel my worries whither in your luminous gaze
I can grow, thrusting my roots into the ground
Allowing them to reach far continents and distant futures
For once I can roam
Floating, exploring, and diving within myself to unravel the mess that is my life
No longer scared of my doors closing behind me
For once I let my pores and wounds bath in sunlight
As I inhale all of what life is and what it means to strive
For once, I can breathe
My RageFills my veins,
freezing my own heart.
Makes me see things clearly,
like through the window's glass.
It's hard as steel, but light as air.
It's my new armor, through which nothing hurts.
It can be destroyed by two things only:
First is love, which seems to me like a dream of a naïve child.
Second is revenge, which would be very bloody.
But for now, I just enjoy this feeling of rage.
Patiently waiting for love, but with patience gone,
will come my wrath, and I will get my revenge.
SelfishI tried my best to please everyone. I tried being polite, to be kind, to care for every person I met while I grew up
Yet I'm still called selfish
I met you and you were kind to me, so I returned the kindness
Then you trampled me, taken advantaged of me, and manipulated me
Yet I'm the one who's selfish
I've gotten sick from stress, but I never quit trying to care for you, trying to keep you happy while you gave me grief in return
Yet you called me selfish
You called me a liar
You called me ungrateful
You backstabbed me
You twisted me up and ruined me
All I did was care the best I could for you and this godforsaken world
But I'm the one who's truly selfish for giving my all
And now, I won't give you anything ever again
Thank you for teaching me something valuable during the time I've known you
Thank you and goodbye
We Are Seen by No OneIf there is one thing that has always bothered me
It was the fact that no one ever seems to notice me.
And for years I tried to be noticed,
Be it for good,
Or bad
I just wanted someone to see me.
But I soon realized,
That it is most important,
If those who are close
See you,
Not everyone else.
Because the ones who are close
Are the ones who matter above all.
But I was soon to realize,
That even that was an illusion.
My words fell upon deaf ears,
My actions unseen,
My presence faded,
Whenever I tried my best, no one paid attention
And I was once again nothing more than a memory of a forgotten past.
It has happened all too often,
I chided myself,
Perhaps I should seek company with my own
For they are not of my blood,
My origins,
I and the rest of my kind are nothing but pestilence to all others,
Chased across this world and the next,
We have done nothing wrong,
We only love,
But no one notices
We are used,
All we receive are hated filled lies,
We wand
Faster waves of emotion wash

Over me, making the world
Seem black and blue like a
Painters canvas submerged 
I dare youI dare you.
Kick me
Pull me
tell me everything I've ever known is a lie
break my heart
leave me
cause drama
create rumours
stab me
make me bleed
make me cry
Should I even care anymore
you do this every single time
the same thing over and over
Can you just let it end?
I dare you.
Leave me be.
my poems: you don't know meYou know my name not my story
you see my smile not my scars
you hear my laugh but not my cries
you think my heart is whole when it's broken
you see my happiness, not my pain
you live in light when I live in darkness
Suicide:ShadowI'm tired
Of being fake
Of being a Shadow
Of hiding myself
Going round & round 
Playing a game

Of cat
I know myself
who I am
If I am bleeding
or not
My dream's
Are a game
My mind
I am screaming
For help
but your to blind
To this Shadow
Of me
To Whom It May Concern,Mental illnesses are no joke.
You would've heard it before,
But I cannot begin to stress just how so,
People who haven't experienced it,
Honestly have no idea,
You can try to learn,
People can explain,
But you honestly will never know,
Not until you've been through the pain,
People who say it's just a joke,
Who laugh at it, who make it worse,
Try living with a disease,
That whispers to you every day,
'You're pathetic,' 'You can't do it,'
'You're so fat' or 'You're so stupid,'
I just want to get it out there,
I need to vent this out,
It's not made up,
We can't just 'snap out'
These voices become our life,
We're left silently screaming throughout the night,
It's in essence a psychical illness,
The only difference is the fact that people can't see it,
Mental illnesses affect people physically too,
Just as physical wounds can cause mental trauma,
You would have heard it before,
But if someone broke their leg,
Would you honestly tell them,
To get up there and run a marathon?
They're bound t
EmotionMy head burns.
Tears stream down my cheeks.
My dress is stained.
My heart aches.
I freshen up.
I go outside.
I enter my work.
I frown at strangers
Who say
"Good morning"
With a smile.
Of courseOf course I care
Which is why I can say nothing
Which is why I can do nothing
Which is why I try to remove myself from the equation
Which is why all I can do is watch you grow from afar
Because I don't want you to wait
I don't want you to hurt
I am not worth waiting for
And I am certainly not worth any pain
If you wait, you'll only pass by others
Others who are worth the wait
Others who are worth the pain
Others who are worthy of you
But do not mistake
It's a hard thing to do
When in my cold, black heart I still care
For you
NightThe stars blurring
across the sky,
numbering your
counting their
hearts piled in
the corner.
Aching flesh,
you try and
by swallowing
your tongue.
And all along
the highway,
cars shoulder
their way
past your tender
rattling the cage
draped about
your shoulders.
The stars,
burning your
as you kiss them.
DecoyWould you still love me if I listed the reasons not to?
Would you still love me if I suddenly had changed?
Would you still love me if I had nowhere to go to?
Would you still love me if I was deranged?
Would you still stay with me if I wanted you to leave?
Would you still stay with me if I abandoned you?
Would you still stay with me if my presence made you heave?
Would you still stay with me if I said that I didn't need you?
Would you still need me if you met someone new?
Would you still need me if you moved away?
Would you still need me if I didn't need you?
Would you still need me like you did yesterday?
Would you still want me if I confessed to all my sins?
Would you still want me if I got worse?
Would you still want me if my life was ruined?
Would you still want me if I caused you hurt?
Would you still help me if I asked for advice?
Would you still help me if my condition got worse?
Would you still help me if I had no hope left in life?
Would you still help me if it meant you also b
7 Is A Secret That's Never To Be Told.It is no secret,
that I hate this damned world.
It is no secret,
that I don't aspire to stay on this world.
But what is a secret,
is the way I wish to go.
The date and time I have in mind,
and the people it will affect.
But should it really matter,
if someone dies or not,
if leaving this world will make them happy,
shouldn't you support them with that?
If bounding them here,
will just make them worse.
listen to them,
and let them do as they please.
If you want what is best,
then let them do what they want.
Restricting them from their wishes,
will make you the villains in this.
For this world, holds people by the thousands.
Keeping them locked up, like a criminal in prison.
It is no secret, of what I want to do.
But it is a secret, when it comes to you.
I hadHurt and broken
Crying my heart out
Lonely as the sky
I was in pain
Trying to ignore it
Only be happy
But how can you,
Keep a force of life away
As it tore me
They only watched
Little knowing
I was slipping and falling
Breaking every bone
No more concentration
I shivered secretly
They never flinched
Throwing at me
What I tried to kick away
I told them to stop
But they just stared
And then they laughed
And screamed with joy
They may be close
But in truth I wish they were far
So I could be in a dream world
All alone in my blood
As I kept sinking deeper
But no one can save me from drowning
I want to float away
Start new
Forget it all
I had a reason to stay
I had it all
I had my dreams come true
I had...
Nothing Disturbes the CycleShe was shaking
A nightmare full of beauty
Being underestimated
Her ragged hair flying
And her soul singing
It was as perfect as heaven
With gold shattering on them
They smiled and laughed
It was a trauma
Tearing them apart, unknown
Slithering into their hearts
Losing its efficiency
Blood drinking away
While they ignored it
Red eyes
Smiles curved with happiness
A force buried so deep
No spade could come for it
While they kept digging
Her feet lost the ground
She was high on gain
Held by her friend
She had no clue
Didn't know what future was
Expect ions so high
Only one knows why it was fake
Knowing something so good
When it turns out to be different
You hit it all with a flash
And crack your head open
You had known the truth
She had no more strength
Or was it all a lie
All that she wanted to believe
Did she let go
Pushed back into the ground
Again and again
Pain realizes it can't quit
But nothing disturebes the cycle
You're A Love SongYou're a love song just waiting to happen
You're the music in me everlasting
You're every love song that ever was imagined to me
You're the love song I always wanted to sing
Is It Wrong?Is it wrong
to be chained to the past?
To be so stuck on something
that just never would last?
Is it wrong
that I wish for a day
that I can laugh with him again
with his milky brown gaze?
Is it sin
to miss the treasonous lips
of he who'd "never hurt me"
in a cold hearted twist?
Is it sick
to remember the wistful stare
of someone who never
was actually there?
Is it malice
to think of the warm embrace
of someone who left
without a trace?
Is it evil
to yearn for a warms summer's night
when I'd have not a worry
but being cuddled too tight?
Is it vile
to lust over someone
who has been with my friend
even though that's all done?
Is it criminal
to miss hearing the laugh of someone
who smiled so bright
that I was blinded by the sun?
Is it foul
to want a hug or a kiss
from one who never loved me
but I so dearly miss?
Am I filth
to want to be with someone though
she only had left me
in a matter of weeks ago?
Oh why, oh why,
can I throw away the past
if I know in my heart
my love can never last?
SometimesSometimes, I am proud to be who I am
There are times when I wish I was taller
Then maybe you could see me
There are times when I wish I was smarter
Then maybe you would hear me
There are times when I wish I was faster
Then maybe you would chase me
There are times when I was I was stronger
Then maybe you would need me
Sometimes, I am able to accept who I am
There are times when I wish I was smaller
Then maybe you could only see the best parts of me
There are times when I wish I was naïve
Then maybe you could teach me
There are times when I wish I was slower
Then maybe you could guide me
There are times when I wish I was weaker
Then maybe you could protect me
Sometimes, I am proud to be who I am
There are times when I see how they can grab your attention
Sometimes, I am able to accept who I am
There are times when there’s just too much competition
When I brakeWhen tears flow red
And my wrists run dry
When scars won't heal
And I cannot cry
When I choke on my tears
And I gasp for a breath
When I'm consumed by my fears
And I beg for my death
When I'm tired and broken and I spent my last lie
The thought of you in my arms is all I'll need to get by
As I slit my last vein
And I pop my twelfth pill
When I drown in my blood
And it's me who I kill
When my nightmares turn real
And I can't cry to sleep
When breathing gets tough
With promises I can't keep
When I only hear silence and crave the sound of my knife
The rhythm of your heart is what will keep me alive.
Simple quiet moments
only reflection
There's nothing like being alone
There's nothing like the gentleness of thoughts
In these simple moments find answers
The silence
The calm
Many of the things we've lost over the life
In the peace of solitude found comfort
Find peace
We found the same
Truth Be ToldMy poems say
My lips
Are unable to.
cross my heart and hope to dieYou start to get this feeling
and it starts in your hands
It travels down into your stomach
and leaves you in knots
But there's one thing you can't deny -
it's the beating of your heart
You can clearly feel it
like it's going to rip out
You cross your hands -
and hope to die
Because you know what this is
its your mind
You Can't Even Look Me in the EyesI'd rather sew
your mouth shut
than hear you
mutter those words
under a shaky breath.
Your lips are still cracked
—and still scarred—
from the last time
we kissed,
and my fingers are itching
to trace those scars
in hopes it would spark
the love we shared that night.
But your eyes no longer shine
and I know it's inevitable
but I'm praying
you're just as blind
as I am,
and can ignore the flames
that are burning
our house down.
Please, say anything
but those words...
Don't leave I need youDon't leave me now
I am breaking down
While trying to be strong
I'll be thankful if I can see your face
And hold your hand
It's the last month
Everyday I expect news
I can just see their sad faces
As they tell me
I cry at night
Into all darkness
Wishing to hug you tight again
But then I would crush you
You are weak
You can't walk anymore
But I'll guild you until the end
I need someone by my side
Yet I'll keep it to myself
I'm tearing
At your funeral
I promise not to cry
But my eyes will leak
And I will die inside
And he couldn't survive alone
Don't leave
I need you
InjectedThey ask me if I can,
I give them the honest answer.
I tell them I can’t,
Afflicted by the cancer,
My confidence lost,
Words like disease.
They didn’t know the cost,
And ignored my pleas.
After so long
Listening to the hateful words,
Telling me I’m wrong,
I no longer want to be heard.
Staying hushed in fear,
To silence, resigned,
Because I don’t want to hear
The words that confine.
But speaking or not,
I am still hated,
To hatred and spite,
I am now mated.
Silently, I suffer my plight.
I no longer fight.
Their words become my own.
Oh, how the voices drone.
And now that they’ve cleared their eyes,
They fail to realize,
I am broken.
ReleaseI feel it fading
It’s all leaving
Pleasure and pain
Pours out my vein
Every time I hear your name
I know my life is not the same
I thought I’d never move on
But I've changed now that you’re gone
I wanted nothing but your hand
All I found was a mirage of sand
You left me here rotting alone
This is where I turned to stone
You left my heart without a care
You left me with a longing stare
You may as well have left me dead
But what remains is but a thread
My mirror’s stuck on repeat
My heart at last refuses to beat
My pulse has left, replaced with peace
At last I feel my mind’s release
FuckHey, hey, look what I did
Look what I did to myself, you like it?
Dropped some pounds, cut a couple rounds just to spite it
Made myself all pretty, changed myself inside and out but still its done nothing
Because no matter what in everyone elses eyes I'll never amount to something.
Do what's told, not what I wanted. Let the events unfold, in this house that's haunted
Keep my mouth shut, no matter how much taunted. Let myself be walked all over, until I'm wanted.
I'm running a mile a minute but going no where, but still I can't get no rest
Study and study, it don't matter because I'll never pass the fucking test.
I'll throw away my food because it won't fill me up
I'll do everything you ask but it'll never be good enough.
Gonna make you love me, if I die trying.
and I'm gonna love you, even if I'm dying.
But I'm glad that I never walked away and I never gave up my dreams
because if I walked out that door it'd be hopeless because no body would ever want me.
The blind lead the deaf, and t
AutomatonI am not a Robot
Ro•bot- /ˈrōˌbät,ˈrōbət/ (n.)
A machine capable of carrying out a complex series of actions automatically, especially one programmable by a computer;
A machine resembling a human being and able to replicate certain human movements and functions automatically.
I am not a Robot.
People tell me to smile; they program me to be happy.
They expect me to automatically respond in the way I always have.
I wish I didn’t.
I have a sleek, indestructible exoskeleton,
With a pristine Maintenance Hatch marked with ‘2131363’.
I never open it up though.
Nor do I let others peer within.
For inside there is a mess of loose parts and dead batteries,
Oil oozing from all the wrong places,
Faulty wires strewn about
With the rubber casings chewed open by
Rats and self-doubt.
My Ocular Systems are faulty, by the way.
The two orbs take in light and it is converted to data, but
I look in the mirror and all I see is nothing.
Robots like n
Help. Please?I'm drowning. These emotions.. Hidden.
All apart from one, you know this.
You are the one who i hold onto.
I can't help it.
I'm weak. Heartless, looking for people to speak to... Only to get forgotten.
I...... Can't help it.
I helped you.. Yet I can't do it for myself.
I'm in more pain every day. Every time.
Lying. Sin. Sliver. Red.....
These thoughts. Always. Think.... Would you really be affected if I wasn't there?...
....I hope so...
Since your the only reason I have left.
Enough. I barely can take it. Pills? Or water poison? Which way?
I may seem happy... But I was always so good at lying..
I'm luckly I would never forgive myself if I didn't tell you when... Since I can never bring myself to it...
.....I'm so sorry my wolfie....
A YearWhat is a year?
A spin around the sun?
Enough time to have done what's done?
Less than that to make a man.
Less than that for a man to make himself.
With dedication, trust and friends
Anything can be done.
In just one trip around the sun
Silence IIWords unspoken
A quick glance
Eyes meet
Playful smile
Connection found
In the briefest moment
Unexplored desire
Shared laughter
Passing by
I can't help
But wonder
What was missed
In this moment
Of silence
(Don't)Break me then complain I'm broken. Liar LiarI always told myself love didn't exist.
Then I met you and you showed me that
wasn't true.
You helped me paint this pretty picture
of what our life could be.
Then you lit that page on fire,
burnt it so only I could see.
But the gas you poured reached more
than only our perfect, little painting;
for I was standing too close
when you threw that lighter down.
Now, not only is what we had
going down in flames.
You have burned the very essence of me.
I will never love again.
I will never take that risk.
I will never venture towards another
who will make me want to quit.
I don't want to be alone but,
what choice do I have?
When the only one I ever wanted
was you.
Thought I was building this house with bricks
but you were using sand for mortar.
Now everything has coming crashing down
all around my ears.
Yet, you suffer not
for you never really lived here.
Now, I lie among the ash and debris.
You told me forever so I guessed
I misjudged time.
Because last time I checked
forever wasn't near.
BurnYou burn me with your silence
but you just don't give a damn.
''cheer up''How do i tell myself
To cheer up when
My head always hurts,
The slightest things
Make me stressed
And paranoid
And depressed,
And just imagining
How much happier i
Could actually be
Just makes me cry.
How do i tell myself
To cheer up when
It feels like there's
A hole in my chest
And im too scared to just
Be alone with a group of people,
Or the thought of
Being forgotten just
kills me inside.
How do i tell myself to
Even remotely cheer up.
Cutting Takes Away the PainCutting Takes Away the Pain
Dieing seems so easy
doesn’t it?
The coolness of the
Slicing across delicate
Blood seeping through
paper-thin cuts,
running down the arm
and onto the ground;
Soaking into it like
a drunk wanting his
The cut deepens
and the blood thickens.
Falling faster and faster.
Hitting the ground like
small little bullets.
Pooling surrounds you.
EndI hate you
And then I love you again
But I never really hated you
In the end
I hate that I can't
Hold this anger
I hate that I can't
Fault you
At all
I hate
The control
You have
That I never gave
Did I hand you my heart
Or did you take it
I don't even know
Which way is up
And which is down
I hate you
And then I love you again
But I never really hated you
In the end
I hate you
And then I love you again
You're the beginning
& my end
I never really hate you
In the end
You infuriate me
& honestly
And somehow, I don't
Want it to stop
But in the end
In the end
I am yours
My heart, my mind
My body, my soul
I am yours
& you're my end.
<da:thumb id="512828192"/> Cracked You don't have to tread 
Around me, carefully 
I am nothing,
I'm a tangled mass of 
Prickles and emotion
They buried us, 
Under cracked rocks
And twisted stems of 
Stand on me, 
Stomp on me, 
Break me apart 
Mosaic heart,
Cracked and broken  
Jagged and crushed 
And forgotten
In peace 
....Or in pieces ? 
Growing Up Isn't What I thought It Would BeGrowing up isn't what I thought
It was cracked up to be.
I feel like my fairy tales and story books
Have been lying to me.
The world isn't so pretty and perfect
Like a kid's book.
Maybe I was reading the stories wrong,
Maybe I needed to take a closer look.
The world isn't a pretty rose,
There is more to it than that.
There is more to the beautiful flower,
It has thorns.
It can rip your heart apart
To the point that the shreds can't be glued back together.
Prince Charming doesn't exist.
Nor does the princess.
We aren't perfect.
We're flawed.
Something the fairy tales never mentioned.
We get into fights.
And break each other's hearts.
We storm out,
Leaving the other all alone and in the dark.
Things are going to hurt.
They're going to make you want to scream.
Because real life is not always what it seems,
Unlike a fairy tale.
Where everything is happy and perfect.
But in real life things are terrible and tragic.
Sometimes I wish I could put
The veil back up.
Which distorted the terrible
A phial to end it all.I hate you.
I despise you.
Just give me the chance.
and I'll tear you all to pieces.
A kiss.
The kiss from those
sinful lips.
I'll give you a reason to pray.
Oh love.
What a cruel being you are.
puncture your heart and get over yourself.
for what meaning do you hold.
What chances do you deserve?
For you deserve none.
Of lies and torment you indeed provide.
I'll show you the fear you hide.
Vengeance and suffering
---it runs through my veins.
A phial of silence,
to end all disturbance and pain.
A phial you ask?
to hell what you know.
a language once spoke.
translation not told.
End it.
--Just--end it!
the screaming!
Its your fault.
Everyone Has SecretsShe was just a little girl
With nowhere to run
But you stole her identity,
Her innocence...
And her fun.
Can't you see she trusted you?
But you threw it down the drain
Now she'll never forget
And she'll drive herself insane.
It's 5 years later now.
That little girl is grown.
The saddest part about it
Is that she's all alone.
She tried telling once before
But it ended up in ruins
Her friends have all betrayed her
Then they ask her "how she's doing".
She smiles and says she's fine.
That she will be alright.
But that's not true. It's all a lie.
She has no more strength to fight.
So tonight when she goes home
To cry herself to sleep
Just remember what you did to her
To make her weep and weep.
All she wanted was a friend
That would understand.
But all she got was lies, betrayal
And impossibly fake friends at hand.
So before you judge another
Based on what you see
Take a moment to really look
At the sad little girl inside of me.
  • Mood: dA Love
  • Listening to: People cry for help
  • Reading: The thoughts of others
  • Watching: The world slowly die
  • Playing: With logical solutions to the problems of others
  • Eating: Defeat and facing it head-on
  • Drinking: The guilt from bad things I've done in the past


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So, first of all no need to thank me for the favourite. Secondly, if you want criticism just ask, though you must provide a link or the thumbnail of whatever you want criticism on for me to do so. I favourite a lot of things so it's only fair on me, and I don't have to root through my favourites. Alright?

Right. Okay. So, I'm actually going to write something important here, to describe myself rather than just random stuff people probably care more about. So, My name is Jack, don't ask my age because I always forget it and I like all forms of writing or literature. I enjoy drawing too, which goes well with writing because I can illustrate exactly what I'm trying to visualise. I may or may not be a cat, my webcam shows I have super-long messy hair and the fact I constantly feel the need to wear cat ears. I like to be deep, and have lots of meaning and I like to be the friend of outcasts of society. Since I am one, it's only fair. Only difference is that I look for other people who're outcasted. Some say it's fate but all I really want to do is help. I have attempted suicide 7 times now, and that's gotten to the point where I'm just passively suicidal - I don't care if I die or not. A LOT of my poetry is based on stuff that happens or has happened, I like to write how I feel and I've been told I'm good at it. I don't think there's much else I can say, I've been bullied for years my whole life and it still goes on, I get told I should kill myself constantly by people. But hey, fuck those people. The fact of the matter is; I stand out. I stand out because I just like being myself, and I don't play by your daddy's rules. The last thing to write is I know how it feels to have no-one. I go through social anxiety so I know how it feels for that too. My point is, if you need someone, ever, then drop me a note and I'd be happy to send you a lot of paragraphs. I like to give advice and expand on thoughts, or just look at them in different ways. So yeah.
Thank you for reading this semi-emotional soliloquy.
Love you all.
"If today is the worst day ever – tomorrow has to be better."
~Ikusaba Marco (Mirai Nikki)

"As long as there’s at least one person who understands me, I’ll be okay."
~Ami Kawashima (Toradora!)

"Even if everyone calls you a liar, even if you hate yourself, I’ll be on your side."
~Inori Yuzuriha (Guilty Crown)

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